Quilting your upcycled pouch

Quilted heart

This tutorial is to show how to perfect making the quilted pouch. I’m not going into how to free motion quilt – thats for another workshop – but what I noticed doing this class was that its difficult to get everything including the zip, lined up nicely, particularly with silks that pull easily.


Close the zip and you are done!

So this one is made from some old jeans. A layer of wadding is sandwiched between two layers of denim. I use some temp fabric glue and sew around the edge of the pattern to keep everything in place. Contact me for a copy of the pattern.


Then, its time to drop the feed-dogs and quilt a pattern. Its a good idea to draw something on your fabric using an water soluble pen. You don’t have to follow it exactly but it helps. This hearty one is inspired by Valentine’s Day.


Once both sides are bound (don’t worry about finishing edges nicely, they’ll be covered) you can attach the zip to the inside of the binding, nice and close. The first side is easy. Just pin in place and sew.


Attaching the second side of the zip is the trickiest bit! Making sure the zip is attached to the pouch so it all lines up.

Once you are happy with how the pouch and zip line up, sew on the zip.

Sew up both the ends.


Finish off.


So hopefully you end up with something resembling this:

Ta daa! Hope yours works out too!