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Patched jeans



I was going to patch them anyway but then a hole appeared so I had to do it. Well I didn’t fancy wearing hole-y trousers, thats not en vogue these days is it?

I created this flower using some Madeira wash away stabiliser (partly to test how strong the stuff was – and I was not left unimpressed, it did not tear at all with the satin stitch around the flower). I used some pretty ‘old baby dress’ fabric so I carry a bit of my daughter with me everywhere, just like when she was a cuddly baby.



I used some Heat n Bond Ultra to iron the patch onto the jeans but since the jeans are stretchy and the patch is not, I hand sewed it in place just to make sure I didn’t lose it when bending my knee. I think it looks pretty cute and original and goes really well with my up-to-the-knee red boots.

Noughts and Crosses for Christmas

Board velcro for pieces

Board velcro for pieces

This is a second version that I made as a Christmas present in more festive colours than the first. My kids love playing noughts and crosses though cheating is more the order of their games and hey, its more fun that way anyway. With this game board the pieces are tactile and a riot colours. They learn about waiting their turn and something about building a strategy. Well, sort of, they are still really little.

This board is finished with a bias binding for a neater quilted look and the board checks and edges are embroidered with a coordinating embroidery thread. There is cotton pocket to hold all the pieces when not in use and all pieces are made from recycled felt which is padded with wadding.

This is a really lovely piece to make, I’ve tons of ideas for creating it in different ways with different colours, fabrics and style, if only I had more time. I will definitely be making more anyway and if you like it, please make my day and order one, just for fun.

Welly socks – remade from old fleecy scraps

Embroidered personal welly sock

Embroidered personal welly sock

I put this together based on this post kindly shared by Jessi via Pinterest. I followed her instructions which can be found on her website.

I made a pair each for my 2 and 4 year olds. As Jessi mentions in her tutorial it was tricky to sew the curves, particularly around the heel as the kids socks are so small! I used fleecy fabric and sewed on my serger which is trickier still for curves (well I am a newbie to serging) but I used a flatlock on the serger which I think gives a lovely finish and no seam bulk which I really didn’t want for those little feet.

I embroidered the top to make the socks totally original and remove the need for name tags for school. I was pretty pleased with the result.




Refashion | Remake – old sweat/t-shirt to new



This one had was dying to be remade into something with a bit more flare and colour – goes well with jeans.

It was a perfect serger project and I’ll be doing lots more after the moths attacked a pile of t-shirts during the wardrobe refurb.

I love the blend of colours which makes the top ideal for various outfits.


T-shirt top