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Repurposed skirt into personalised school PE bag

Embroidery detail

Embroidery detail

The embroidery turned out lovely and this bag looks much better than the skirt ever did. The letters are big and bold, just right for catching the attention of little readers. No name tags needed.

The straps were really easy to do and its great for having hands free by carrying as a back pack.


The bag is fully lined with cotton and fits an entire winter PE kit including trainers. I did think about adding waterproof lining so the contents would be kept dry in any weather the bag would be useful for swimming kit… but thats for another time when I don’t have a deadline…. (yeh when’s that gonna happen?). After a term’s use, the embroidery still looks pristine. A friend was so impressed she asked me to make a couple of bags for her daughters. 🙂



Modelled applique carI designed a little car for my boy. I’m really impressed by how it looks and so are his friends (and their mummies) – the photos don’t do it justice (neither do my photography skills and I have a model that cannot keep still). It kinda looks like an Al Capone car to me.

I used some old jeans and bits from a corduroy dress and the owner loves it.

I think I need to do a series of cars or perhaps patches.






Simple remakes to rekindle some old memories

As I was clearing out the cupboards ready for a new winter I came across some forgotten outgrown dresses that I couldn’t bear to throw out. I removed the gathered skirts which I attached to some old knitted tops that were too short to be worn by themselves but still fit on the neck and arms. I was pleasantly surprised by their reception! They will work well with some woolly tights or leggings and may even survive one more refashion or repurpose as the gathers mean there is plenty of fabric in the skirt to play with.

A summer dress

The finished dress

The finished dress

Well this old skirt in a beautiful floral poly cotton just didn’t work on my post natal pear shape anymore. So I marked and cut off a white camisole top, removed the skirt waistband and jiggled the width of the skirt to fit the white top.

It needed a bit of messing around to make it all fit but I LOVE how it turned out. It looks great on with a really flattering length and a streamlined figure. It really was a surprise, just need some pics of me in it.

Camisole top, all cut up

Camisole top, all cut up

Pretty in pink

This pretty pink dress became rather unflattering on a post-natal shape so I decided to cut it up. The top portion became a ladies’ cami-top for the summer and the front part of the bottom became a cute little summer dress with a buttoned silk round neck. The silk fabric from an old sari was rather tricky to work with and needed a good lining to keep it together but even so, curvy sewing proved challenging but it looked lovely in the end. The model was unwilling to provide me with a good photograph (it looked stunning on) so I had to make peace with these on a hanger.