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Pimp my car cake

Car cake

Car cake

Ok, so this one is not a remake but I’m not a big fan of icing sugar.

This cakeĀ is covered in a chocolate ganache and the car detail added using fruits. It was for our valentine baby so we even did a big heart on top.


Heart on my sleeve

A fun coffee cup sleeve for Valentines day. It put a smile on my Valentine’s face šŸ™‚ Its a very simple design but works so well on some red fleece reclaimed from an old hat.

That centre seam you can see was one side of the hat hence the fabric was a bit curved so it was tricky to work with in the hoop, actually impossible to hoop at all. And it was the only red fleece I had to work with.

Hooping a cutaway stabiliser worked really well with the fleece fabric spray-glued and pinned to the stabiliser for extra holding.Ā The curve actually worked nicely on the sleeve, it fits the cup nice ‘n snug.




A dress for Christmas

Finished dress

Finished dress

We needed a new dress for Christmas so cut up an old maternity top for bodice. I found a bit of trim to add a touch of glamour and cut up an old sheet for the lining. The skirt was made using 2 fat quarters and it all worked together pretty well.

It was the first time I’d made a dress with lining and the armholes were a bit tricky for me to do with bias binding but it turned out pretty well. I just can’t get my model to keep still to get a good enough photo.






Swim Bike Run Fleece

A fitting fleece for my Iron man. Attracting lots of attention already.

After washing

After washing – perfect!

Not the best lighting butĀ I lurve the contrasting embroidery, it turned out lovely on this very thick fleece. Need a model in daylight for a better picture.

I will certainly do more work on fleece as the embroidery seems to turn out so well even on a thick pile.



Swim Bike Run coffee sleeve

Close up

An embroidered fleece coffee cup sleeve made out of an old fleece sleeve!

This is perfect for theĀ triathlete in my family who needs a warming cuppa on a cold day after that long long swim, bike or runā€¦ or all of the above.