Monthly Archives: January 2014

Indian custom

I made a small, lined corduroy pouch from some cute little dresses with some digitised indian letters. It turned out really well.

T-shirt applique

Handling stretchy cotton knits is not that easy with embroidery. So for a challenge I tried some appliqué on a new t-shirt. Its nice and colourful (spot the same fabric in the previous blog post on the scarf) and I hope Andy won’t mind wearing it.

Santa’s workshop – memory scarf

A relative needed a colourful scarf, so what better than to create something cosy out of some old memories of the kid’s sleep and body suits. They are not easy to patch as they are cotton knits and stretchy in both directions. So, I used cotton tape in all the seams to keep it as stable as possible. I cut up some velvet trousers for the back and it turned out nice and colourful, totally reminiscent of the kids and pretty cosy too. Its not totally rectangular but when its wrapped around you that doesn’t matter that much does it? I hope it gets some wear.