Monthly Archives: December 2016

Gingerbread fun

Gingerbread designs


The kids drew some gingerbread men so we decided to bring them to life…

through embroidered designs

and onto Christmas jumpers


His and his

From Santa’s workshop: Father and son pyjamas. Aren’t they cute? Got some bits of fabric left. Lets see what else can be done…


First overseas order

This gorgeous bag made to hold crochet tools and yarn was shipped off to the US – my first overseas order. I love this bag and it took me a while to put together. More plans in my head to make new ones after Santa’s little workshop comes to a rest for the festive season.

Old jeans new

Totally re-made from a pair of old jeans, an old shirt and re-used zips.


The left leg became this laptop carrier. So pleased with the handles and fits the laptop snugly. The only new part of this bag is the padding and the thread, naturally.

And this is what became of the right leg. A nice little laptop sleeve lined with an re-purposed¬†sheet. New coordinating zip in this one though. The problem with re-using old zips is that the¬†zips do end up being warped. I need to experiment with some starch to get those zips to lay flat – I don’t want to throw them out and metal zips seem to looks so nice in denim and other bags.