Welcome to our blog. Here you will find plenty of crafty stories and ideas and hopefully inspiration for your own projects.

Here is how it all started – with a pouffe!

The pouffe from scraps


I didn’t have anyone to pass on my last child’s clothes so I thought a good place to stash them as memories to be saved for later would be in a seat for the little ones. And it developed itself into a personalised patched pouffe made from old baby clothes and scraps I had in a bag.

Along the way I got a bit frustrated with my old sewing machine so I upgraded to a newer snazzier model that opened up endless possibilities. I started experimenting and my daughter was having a party so I decided to create some party bags that would not be trashed shortly after the party, that could be used for some other purpose. So I set to work with some pretty dresses that were too small to fit anymore. Its a bit more work than selecting fabrics from the shop that need little ironing but kids clothes are so quickly grown out of and even if stained there is still a lot of fabric that can be reused.

So I transformed a few dresses and shirts into pencil cases and I was encouraged to try and sell them so they are available now on etsy.com. Check out my blog for further background. 

Now I’ve decided to set up this website dedicated to creating new from old or Upcycling as it seems to be called today, as part of my contribution to caring for our planet. I hope it provides inspiration to others and perhaps some people will be interested in buying my stuff. I hope to be able to put smiles on their faces when they experience the beautiful things that can be created from a few bits and pieces lying around.