Monthly Archives: February 2014

Toiletries bag

I put this together real quick for a friend’s birthday who likes the colour purple. I wanted the zipper to be perfect and I’m very happy with the end result. The bag is made of interfaced (iron-on) cotton twill and a lovely deep purple patterned wool. The bottom is boxed and the lining is upcycled from some old (washed) pyjamas.

This could have a strap a function as a little handbag as well but perhaps my friend doesn’t want to walk around announcing her name to everyone!

New baby bunting


My friend had a second baby and after scouring the shops for something original that she wouldn’t already have I decided to make something personal and a little more unique than what I could find in our local shops. Here is what I came up with.

Some felt embroidered stars and moons to spell out Reuben attached to a ribbon ready for handing on the cot or buggy. I digitised the shapes and let the embroidery machine do the work using the hooped embroidery stabiliser and felt. First the letter was embroidered for each shape then I attached some wadding and the backing felt to the back of the already hooped felt. I used a tack-down stitch in matching thread, then the machine performed the blanket stitch for the edging beautifully using a contrasting white embroidery thread.

Considering it wasn’t too much effort I think they look quite spectacular. I could do this again.

Swim Bike Run

For any triathlete (mainly my darling hubby) who wants to be warm and add a little colour and extra visibility on the winter morning bikes and runs. I thought the fleece might be a bit warm but not only does it stay up well, it also wicks away the perspiration. Lovely!

I am really pleased with how the embroidery turned out on the fleece. And I had to try not to go mad with the colours. I’ll make a pair for anyone who’d like one, just contact me.

My first sloucher

I’ve never made a bag before so this was a big learning experience making use of interfacing and stiffer materials. My machine coped with it all like a breeeeeeeze.

I wanted to make something for a teenager to reflect the personality and the age. Something relaxed, with colour and asymmetry and something personal as well. So this is what I came up with.

The name on the front in bright colours that can be hidden by turning the bag around and there are brighter colours on the other side. A fully lined bag with inside pocket and a clasped quick release cover to keep things in whilst skateboarding, or whatever.

An little dress, two pairs of jeans and some other trousers went in to this with material to spare. I’m really pleased with the end product, I hope the recipient is too. In fact, I wonder if she’ll use it.